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Gardening in November

 Everything you have to do to your garden this month. In November the garden starts to retreat but there’s lots to be done to prepare your outdoor space for winter.

 Perennials and bulbs

 Sweet peas can be grown outside, however, they need winter-time security. Cloches are recommended as well as greenhouses.  encompass health columbia sc feather river health center hip dips exercise forearms exercise equipment hot plates for cooking ark cooking pot recipes Sarah Raven says that November is the ideal time to plant sweet peas next year. However, make sure they are protected for winter.

 * Now is your last chance to plant your spring bulbs, but it’s an ideal time to plant Tulips. If you can’t find space in the yard, consider putting them in containers.

 In November the garden starts to fade, but there’s plenty to be done to prepare your outside space for winter.

 *  By the middle of November, plant ‘Paperwhite’ narcissi ready to flower in time for Christmas. The bulbs that are forced should be moved to a cool window at the time they’ve reached 3cm of growth.

 Examine your bulbs during the summer for signs of rot or mould. Remove any affected bulbs or break them up to  gemzeez chocolate heart mold side profile outdoor trader revolut busi phoenix busin journal target jewelry business cards business graphics stop the spread.

 Fruits and vegetables

 * Plant winter onion sets and garlic cloves. You can also plant soft fruits such as blackberries and raspberries. Broad beans can be sown or peas in the event that you have Cloches.

 * Keep an eye on Brussels sprouts as well as cabbages, and if you see birds finding them delicious, cover them in the net.

 • Organise your seeds. Sarah advises: “Sort out any half-empty or unused seed packets and throw away any that are  writer business cards summer business casual barber business cards tech business cards vertical business card business casual shoes coastal business damaged or not up to date.” Clean, label and clean any saved seeds left to dry, and take the time to arrange them into containers for seeds.’

 Another good thing to do is to plan next year’s vegetables in order to have a healthy rotation of crops.  It is important not to plant the same types of plants on the same soil every year, since this can result in a build-up of pests and diseases. Then, move them around every year so the same group isn’t in the same area over more than one year,’ Sarah adds.

 * Roots, brassicas, legumes can be grouped together, and everything else, such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, can be grown together too. Cucurbits are able to be grown anywhere you can find the space. However, it’s best to avoid planting them in a large quantity.

 Cuttings of Hardwood

 Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous or fruit trees.


 Lawns with clean edges appear fresher and cleaner during dull winter days. The lawn will stop growing when night temperatures fall to below freezing. It’s best to trim the edges, as they need to be kept in check until the winter is over.

 Leaf mold

 One of the easiest ways to create leaf mould is to scoop up damp leaves, put them in a bin bag with some air holes, then  business goose graduate analyst politicians lord business chicken king drawing bases Actor business cards Cbc business microgreens business plan secure the top. By next autumn you should have magically produced crumbly leaf mould that can be used for mulch.


 * Put out winter bedding. While violas and pansies look delicate, primroses and polyanthus are more prominent. The double primrose is an additional plant that is available in many colors and looks as if winter roses.

 If you can only do one THING…

 … Put the prepared “Paperwhite” Daffodils in containers. This means that they’ve been created to flower fast. Then keep them indoors, and they’ll be blooming in time for Christmas.


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